Sebastian Vettel’s hopes for winning the Formula 1 world championship are slowly dithering away.

During a dramatic start to the 2017 Singapore GP, Sebastian Vettel, who qualified on pole, moved over to the left hand side of the track, squeezing Max Verstappen, who started second, into Kimi Raikkonen who made a great start from 4th position.

The contact resulted in all three cars having damage, meaning they could not participate any further in the race.

Lewis Hamilton, who started back in 5th place, got away cleanly, and by the first corner, was up to 2nd place behind Vettel, inheriting first place when Vettel hit the barrier as a result of the damage caused by the original impact, which also caused damage to Alonso’s McLaren Honda. Alonso retired from the race a few laps later due to the damage to his car.

Lewis Hamilton controlled the race from the front, with several safety car moments backing the pack up. Riccardo was unable to apply the pressure expected after his dry qualifying pace during the wet and drying track under race conditions, finishing in second, with Bottas taking 3rd.

Lewis now leads the fight for the title with 263 points, over Sebastian’s 235.

The race looked promising for Max Verstappen and Red Bull, with his front row qualifying, and team mate in 3rd. The driver had to add another non Finish to his terrible year. A huge shame for the race, as we all know that Max is an excellent wet weather driver, and could have possibly caused a mix up at the front if the incident had not occurred.


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