Transport For London have tweeted a copy of a licensing decision on Uber London Limited.

The decision shows that the current licence held by Uber London is due to expire on the 30th September, and that Uber London is

“not fit and proper to hold a private hire operator licence”

They also list several reasons as to why they conclude this, including:-

  • its approach to reporting criminal offence, by whom we do not know,
  • how medical certificates are obtained. It’s know that other taxi firms and drivers have to go through quite rigerous tests.
  • software possibly having features to block regulartory officials from making checks, or police for law enforcement duties.

Uber, who lost a legal case against Transport for London that attempted to stop a written English exam being required for drivers to obtain a minicab licence, have 21days to appeal, and during this time, and that of the appeal, they can continue to operate.

It’s likely they will appeal, and with it have to agree to make changes in order to satisfy the TFL (Transport for London limited).

They will have been fully aware of the licence expiry and chances are, they will have already made plans just in case the renewal of it became complicated.

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