Romain Grosjean has been disqualified from the Italian Grand Prix after the floor of his Haas car was declared illegal by the FIA technical delegate.Shortly after the race finish, the legality of Grosjean’s car was protested by rivals Renault after he finished in sixth place ahead of Renault driver Carlos Sainz. The protest concerned the floor and the radius of the leading corners, which are covered in the technical regulations by Article 3.7.1 d.

The FIA issued a technical directive to clear up ambiguities surrounding Article 3.7.1 d in July of this year and requested all teams to be in compliance by the Italian Grand Prix.

Renault provided a picture that they claimed was of Car 8, which they stated shows the part in question, at the start of the Grand Prix of Monza was not in compliance with Article 3.7.1.d of the FIA Formula One Technical Regulations, as clarified with the technical directive, and therefore they protested against the compliance of Grosjean’s car.

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After the race, both of the Haas team cars were called to the stewards, when they would usually be found in the garages, being disassembled for transport, they were being checked for compliance.

The stewards ordered the Technical Delegate to inspect Car 8, and his report to them, document 40, specified that the car was not in compliance with Article 3.7.1.d as clarified in the Technical directive.

The stewards therefore find the car to be in breach of the regulation Article 3.7.1.d of the 2018 FIA Technical Regulations as clarified in TD/033-18 and order that Car 8 be disqualified from the results and that the classification be amended. The Stewards further order that the part in question be retained and sealed by the Technical Delegate until this decision is binding.

The Haas team have the right to appeal the decision, and have already provided some information to the stewards to try to overturn the decision.

“We do not agree with the Stewards’ decision to penalize our race team and we feel strongly that our sixth-place finish in the Italian Grand Prix should stand. We are appealing the Stewards’ decision” Guenther Steiner said.

The team previously had an email conversation with FIA’s head of Single Seater Technical Matters with regards to the issue, giving/showing their way to become compliant for approval, but also discussing their inability to do this until the Singapore GP, even though one other had done this within the permitted timescale.

The outcome of the appeal is yet to be known, but for now, the disqualification stands, with a huge loss of points for the Haas team in their fight in the constructors championship after Romain’s 6th place finish this weekend.

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