After the closing lap events of the United States GP at Austin, there has been a huge debate over the Max Verstappen last lap overtake all over the Internet.

Comments have argued both sides, with both claims of inconsistency from officials,

As well as those saying otherwise

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Charlie Whiting, the current F1 race director, when questioned on the situation, said that talks between himself and Max Verstappen were still happening and that the youngster had still not yet apologised for his language used towards the FIA steward Garry Connelly.

“idiot” “mongol”

Verstappen used both “idiot” and “mongol” during post race interviews to describe the Austin race steward. Charlie defended the steward’s decision, stating the decision had been consistent with previous incidents.

When asked if there may be possible further action taken against the Red Bull driver, Whiting said “it would be nice if he were to apologise”, avoiding the question asked, leaving the possibility open.

Whiting himself has previous experience of bad language from drivers, when only last year, Sebastian Vettel told him to F%$K off in a radio message during the Mexican GP. Vettel sent formal letters of apology to both Whiting and the FIA.

“Seb, for his little outburst last year, he did apologise profusely. I haven’t heard any such apology just yet from Max but it would be nice if he did.”

The Mexican GP is this weekend, with practice starting today.

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