Lewis Hamilton entered the Hungarian F1 GP just 1point behind Sebastian Vettel. During the race, Hamilton was in 4th, with his team mate Bottas in 3rd and the two Ferrari’s in front. The team decided that Bottas would let Hamilton pass into 3rd on the proviso that he would give the place back if he could not make a pass on one of the leading Ferrari’s, a job which he was unable to do.

On the last lap, the last corner in fact, he slowed and went wide to let his Mercedes team mate back past. With Verstappen following closely behind Bottas, this was a risky move, but they performed it well, with Hamilton finishing in 4th.

Had he finished in 3rd, he would be just 11points behind Vettel in the championship, but instead he is now 14points behind.

“I want to win the championship the right way and I don’t know whether that will come back to bite me on the backside or not” said Hamilton. After his mixed press recently, showing himself as an honest team player has likely worked in his favour from that aspect, “I do think today was the right way to do things” he commented, even though the result could potentially cost him in the championship fight.

Had Hamilton made a more selfish decision, he could have finished the race in 3rd, gaining those extra 3 points. he was ordered by the team to give the place back, as per the agreement. Do you think he would have kept to the agreement if the team hadn’t pushed him to do so?

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