Keyless entry systems are becoming more and more popular on vehicles. Manufactures such as BMW, Mercedes and Landrover, to name a few, are all using keyless entry on many of their vehicles. Their security is questioned after after a theft in Essex.

Whilst one of the thieves holds a bag up near the front door of the house, another tries the door on the vehicle, eventually gaining access.

The video shows how well the theft is planned, taking minutes to access the car and drive it away. There have been several reports of this occurring around the Essex area, leading to the belief that criminals are specifically targeting these types of vehicles.

It’s believed that the bag contains some form of signal amplifier, or relay, that enables the thieves to simply move the device around near the house, and as long as the key is within range, allows them to open the door and start the vehicle. Many people leave their car keys within range of the front door, making the job easier.

Its possible to block the keys signal, using a Faraday cage (basically a metal box that blocks the signal), and now there are bags specifically made for keys to do this, available on Ebay.

More information can be found about how easy it can be for thieves to steal your car in the following video. We advise anyone who has a car with keyless entry to help protect the security of their keys signal.

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