The infamous Lamborghini Diablo from Jamiroquai’s “Cosmic Girl” music video is for sale.

The car was bought and owned by Jay Kay himself back in 1999 after he crashed his other.

One of 150 SE30’s built, it’s thought that only 16 were built in right hand drive and it’s believed this is the only one currently for sale in the world.

The SE30, built to celebrate 30years of Lamborghini building road cars, features a few differences over the standard Diablo. There’s a deeper front splitter, with supplementary driving lights, twin duct side intakes, a Miura esque engine cover, light weight magnesium wheels and a gold plated engine (yes, you read that correctly). Whilst most of the body remained aluminium, the changed parts for the SE30 were made from carbon fibre, not bad for a 21year old motor.

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The exotic car is finished in Viola Metallic paint, and really shows off the lines of the Diablo, and is visually stunning with it Lamborghini signature scissor doors , as well as able to produce a top speed of 207mph with its 5.7litre V12 and 525bhp.

A few owners have had it since the Jamiroquai lead singer owned it, all bought through the same dealer, having covered 17,276miles, its for sale from Amari Super Cars, with a price tag of £549,995.

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