The spark plays an important role in an internal combustion engine. With higher cylinder pressures due to higher compression or boost, many people convert their old “dumb” coils to “smart” coils.

Unlike “smart” coils, a “dumb” coil does not contain an igniter or PTU (power transistor unit). The PTU is there to prevent damage to the ECU against Voltage/current during the coil discharge. A smart coil has this internally, rather than in the ECU, or an external unit.

The benefits of using coil per cylinder are that each cylinder’s coil can have the maximum charge time, rather than a single coil being split between several cylinders, thus less time to charge between firing. There’s also the eradication of HT leads, distributor (dizzy) caps and rotor arms.

We’ve created a guide on how to wire COP Honda K series coil packs, commonly used on b-series engine Civics, CRX, integra etc. A Mitsubishi EVO COP guide, using Toyota Yaris Denso coils is also to follow in the next few days.

Honda K series coil on plug COP wiring diagram pinout how to

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