Pinouts for Honda OBD1 ECU’s, such as those fitted to, 1992-1995 Honda Integra, 1992-1995 Honda Civic (inc DelSol), 1992-1995 Honda Prelude as well as others. The appropriate engine wiring diagram can be used along with these ECU connector pinouts. Picture shows AEM ecu socket.

3 plug and 4 plug ECU’s use the same pins. Some wire colours do vary with market (JDM/USDM etc).

Plug/Socket A

  1. Injector 1 (Brown)
  2. Injector 4 (Yellow)
  3. Injector 2 (Red)
  4. VTEC Solenoid (Orange/White)
  5. Injector 3 (Light Blue)
  6. Lambda sensor Heater control (Orange, Black tracer)
  7. Fuel pump relay Civic = (Green/yellow) Integra = (Green/Blue)
  8. N/A
  9. Idle Air Control Valve (Green/White)
  10. N/A
  11. Exhaust Gas Recirculation valve Solenoid (Red or Orange/Blue)
  12. Radiator Fan Control Relay (Yellow/Green)
  13. Malfunction Indicator Light (Green/Orange)
  14. N/A
  15. A/C compressor Clutch control (Black/Red)
  16. Alternator control (White/Green)
  17. Intake Air Bypass control solenoid (Pink) selected models
  18. TCM (automatic Transmission) (varies) selected models
  19. Intake Control Solenoid (White) selected models
  20. Purge Control Solenoid Valve (Red)
  21. Ignition Control Module (Red/Green)
  22. Ignition Control Module (Red/Green)
  23. Power Ground (Black)
  24. Power Ground (Black)
  25. Ignition power (Yellow/black)
  26. Logic Ground (Black/Red)

Plug/Socket B

  1. Ignition Power (yellow/Black)
  2. Logic Ground (Brown/Black)
  3. Automatic Transmission (varies)
  4. Automatic Transmission (varies)
  5. A/C Request switch signal (Blue/Red)
  6. N/A
  7. Manual Transmission clutch switch/Automatic use (Pink/black) or (Green)
  8. Power Steering Power Switch signal (Red/Green)
  9. Starter Signal Civic = (Blue/White) Integra = (Blue/Red)
  10. Vehicle Speed Sensor (yellow/Blue) or (Orange)
  11. CYP P (Orange)
  12. CYP M (White)
  13. TDC P (Orange/Blue)
  14. TDC M (White/Blue)
  15. CKP P (Blue/Yellow)
  16. CKP M (Blue/Yellow)

Plug/Socket D

  1. Voltage Back Up (White/blue) or (white/Yellow)
  2. Brake Switch (Green/White)
  3. Knock Sensor (Red/Blue)
  4. Service Check Signal Civic = (Brown) Integra = (Brown/White)
  5. N/A
  6. VTEC Pressure Switch (Orange/Blue) or (Light Blue)
  7. Diagnostic Data Link (Light Blue) or (Light Green/Red)
  8. N/A
  9. Alternator FR Charge Signal (Pink) or (White/Red)
  10. EDL Electrical Load Detector (Green/Red) or (Green/Black)
  11. Throttle Position Sensor (Light Green) or (Red/Black)
  12. EGR Valve Lift Sensor – where fitted (White/Black)
  13. Engine Coolant Temp Sensor (Red/White) or (Yellow/Blue)
  14. Primary Heated Lambda sensor (White) or (White/Red)
  15. Intake Air Temp (Red/Yellow)
  16. N/A
  17. MAP Sensor Civic = (White) Integra = (White/Blue)
  18. Automatic Transmission Inter Lock Control unit (White/Red)
  19. Sensor Voltage output for Map Civic = (Yellow/Green) Integra = (Red/White)
  20. Sensor Voltage output for TPS (Yellow/White)
  21. Sensor Ground Civic = (Green/Blue) Integra = (Blue/White)
  22. Sensor Ground (Green/White)
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