Sebastian Vettel beats Lewis Hamilton to pole position for the Canadian GP. This is the first time the Ferrari have managed to out qualify the Mercedes team this season.

The video below shows just how the pole man managed to do it in comparison to the 5 time world champion.

It seems that the Mercedes has the cornering pace, yet the Ferrari SF90 has straight line pace. Is this due to more power?

All Mercedes cars were treated to a power unit upgrade this weekend, the “spec 2”. Lance stroll had problems with his new engine during FP3, so had to divert back to his spec 1 unit.

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Straight line pace and cornering pace oppose each other. The more downforce, the better the cornering pace, but less straight line speed, but it’s not that simple. Pushing the car to the floor creates one type of downforce, as does sucking the car to the floor, but there are advantages to a complex floor.

The car can be sucked to the floor using a complex floor method that actually creates grip without sacrificing too much speed via wind resistance. This is the opposite to “dirty downforce” that not only creates drag, but also forces the tyre contact pressure. The floor can be made to help increase and decrease downforce with cornering and speed ride height changes too. This seems to be the design fundamentals that Ferrari have gone for with their current car.

What seems to be Ferrari’s problem with this, is that this method is not helping to force the tyres into the tarmac, and so they have been struggling with tyre temperature and in turn, grip with the new Pirelli tyres.

Does the Ferrari engine how more power than the Mercedes, it’s highly unlikely that there will be much difference, if any, possibly with the Mercedes engine actually having slightly more, compensating for their extra dirty downforce drag. The Mercedes team keep “playing up” the straight line pace of the Ferrari to the media, seeming too much, in our opinion, of a bluff to make people assume they have more power.

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